Why Hire Me?


Why Hire Me?

I will offer you the consistent support you need when you need it, at any stage in your reproductive journey, with compassion and no judgement; virtually holding your hand (physically if you need me to) as you negotiate your own path to the pregnancy, birth and post-natal experience you desire and deserve.

I do not have any agenda regarding your birth and your parenting style, but you will benefit in ways you might not be able to identify now from my help and steadfast assistance. I will respond to and anticipate your needs in terms of physical, emotional and informational support. Maybe you can get that from your existing support network, in which case you don’t need me, or maybe you’re not sure if your Mum, sister or friend will actually be happy or able to turn out to you in labour in the small hours or even if you actually want them there if they could.

I can help you see the wood for the trees – literally by supporting you to declutter your life, or figuratively by signposting you towards information that can help you make the decisions you need to make at any stage in your fertility cycle.

Also I can bake and cook!