Pregnancy & Birth Support


Investment – £550-£800

Booking me to support you throughout your pregnancy will put me by your side from the day we sign our contract until your baby is born, and then for some weeks after. Through a combination of digital and distance communication methods, we can establish your hopes, dreams and fears for your unique and incredible journey.

You will benefit from my recent and ongoing experience of navigating local hospitals and birth provider teams, as well as my links with other local doulas, the Central Cheshire Maternity Voices Partnership, and other local support organisations such as Motherwell Cheshire CIO.


With my support you will be able to get a clear idea of your birth preferences and how they might apply to different infection control scenarios, but most importantly you will be able to approach your birth confidently as the occasion requires.

You will be able to discuss outcomes of your official ante-natal appointments in a safe, non-judgemental, and unhurried space and I can provide you with additional information about anything that you may have questions about.

You will enjoy the benefit of planning a sumptuous 4th trimester (the period after your baby has arrived, where you will bond and recover) We will discuss what support you might require and make sure that you have that support lined up to call on as and when you need it.


If you are taking this journey with a significant other, my support includes them as well, we can talk all together or separately about whatever subjects you need to explore, which need not be only pregnancy birth or 4th trimester related.

If you are local enough to me that we can arrange a Covid safe delivery and return, I can lend you books from my pregnancy, birth, and early parenting library for no additional charge.

When you reach 38 weeks gestation and until your baby is born, I will be on-call for you and you only. This means that at any time of day or night, you can call me to provide the support we will have agreed, as you need it through your labour. This support will be tailored to whatever suits you..

You will benefit from a confidence and surety in your body’s ability to birth your baby in whatever circumstance.

If you decide on distance and digital birth support after the antenatal support described above, your investment for the benefits this can provide you with is £550.00.

If you choose to hire me as a sole or additional birth partner to attend you in person, then I will need to take additional infection control precautions such as self-isolating from 10 days before your 38 week date. This together with the antenatal support described above will generate an investment of £800.00.

Dependant on the prevailing lockdown/Tier conditions, we can also discuss the possibility of us creating a support bubble for your whole family. The investment for this service will be negotiated at the time according to your needs but will be at least £800.00