Post-Natal Support

Post-Natal Support

Investment – £400 for an initial block of 20 hours + mileage (first 15 miles of round trip at no charge)

Additional hours at £23 per hour + mileage (first 15 miles of round trip at no charge)

I am passionate about families being supported properly and compassionately in their 4th trimester. This can take many forms, depending on your family set up, your existing support network and your birth experience, and as with all my support
is tailored to you.

If you haven’t already had full ante-natal support from me, we will discuss your Post-natal recovery plan while you are still pregnant, which as well as preparing us both for what you
will need in your 4th trimester will give us a chance to get to know each other.

Even in full lockdown it is possible for me to work in your home as a Nanny or a cleaner might do, although of course we will discuss in our planning sessions how that will work to protect us all as much as possible from Covid infections, and a combination of all types of possible connection might be preferable.

When your baby is born and you are at home, my post-natal support can start at any time in their first year. Families tend to get the most benefit from this support in the first 6 months though.

You and your family will benefit from improved mental health and physical recovery, you will mostly likely have enjoyed my baking and cooking and feel cherished and confident in your new role as a parent to a point when I will be thrilled when you no longer need me!