Decluttering Support


If making space in your home for a new human and the extra “stuff” they seem to come with, is feeling like a daunting task. I can help.

A clutter free home, has many benefits:

  • It is easier and quicker to clean and tidy.

  • Having gone to the effort of removing stuff from your home, you begin to change how you acquire stuff. Fewer things coming in, means fewer things to tidy, and more money in your bank account.

  • You learn to critically evaluate the messages you receive all the time about what you need.

  • Fewer things, are better for the environment.

  • You can remove any negative emotional attachments by removing the things that trigger those emotions (If you are ready to).

  • You are able to think more clearly and are less stressed.

  • You can easily see what you have and what you need, therefore avoiding buying any unnecessary top ups.

  • You can help charities by donating items you are removing from your home.

  • You can reduce the amount of plastic purchased and used in your home.

I do not have a pre-conceived notion of how your house should look, before or indeed after. The end goal is yours, and you do need to have had some thought about what you want to achieve, but I can support you physically and emotionally to reach that goal.

This service can be tacked on to any of the other offers or can be purchased as a stand-alone.

Investment: Introductory offer: £10 per hour plus feedback and testimonials, to be paid weekly as worked. I would recommend an initial consultation/visit of 2 hours.


Parental Expectation Session


This is an online discussion with the birthing parent and their partner on how the world’s going to look when the baby comes.

If you are a blended family or you have a large age gap between your children, you will benefit from this semi-structured, mediated discussion to establish a common ground in your parenting and life after baby expectations, and aspirations. Starting this conversation before the baby arrives and ironing out any major differences of opinion before the sleep deprivation and back to work stress kick in, will help you overcome those hurdles with a smile on your face and understanding in your hearts.

All this with the added bonus of my doula love and this can be a standalone session or added on to the Covid world Pregnancy & Birth support Package, but it does need to have both parents involved.

Using some structured models, and some counselling skills, I will support you to identify your individual expectations on life after birth. This might include things like, how to look after a baby, relationships with in-laws, information/knowledge gaps, working or not, time for your couple relationship, supporting each other, self-care and mental health.

It is likely that after the first session, you will both have “homework” to bring to the second session to finally build your 4th trimester plan.
These sessions must take place before the baby is born, and might even be of benefit to you before conception.

Investment: Introductory offer 2 x 2-hour Zoom sessions with birthing parent and partner for £50.

I offer my services to you with compassion at this time.

If you take some benefit from any of my free offers, I do have a Ko-fi page where you can donate any amount of money you are able to, which will in turn help me support more women, who may not be able to pay.


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