My Services

If you’re pregnant in (or near) Cheshire right now, and you’re feeling like you need some emotional, practical and informational support, from someone who knows what’s up with maternity services in our area at the moment, and believes in YOU. Give me a call.

With my support in your pregnancy, labour and/or postnatal period, you will feel confident and sure of your rights and decisions. You’ll understand how your body is designed to give birth to your baby, and how you can optimise your environment and circumstances to achieve the birth experience you want.

We’ll develop a postnatal recovery plan, and if I’m your postnatal doula, I’ll be there to help you implement it. Either as your birth doula or as your postnatal doula, with me by your side, you’ll feel held, heard and supported during one of the most transformational experiences of your life, and if you have a partner, they will be included in all of that too. Bliss.

All of this with the superpower of flexibility to adapt and change course, without a hint of flap, to whatever mother nature (or the NHS) presents to you. We’ll face down fears with evidence based information and embrace joyful expectation and wonder in their place. The last few years have taught us a thing or two! From the importance of human connection to our ability to change the way things are done really quickly. In this rapidly changing, financially stretched world, doula support has never been more needed.
Ante-natal & Birth Support
Starting from £940

My Birth Support Package provides you with one to one support during your Pregnancy, Labour, Birth and immediately after the birth of your little one.



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Post-Natal Support
Packages from £400

My post-natal support package is for an initial booking of 20 hours, scheduled to suit our combined schedules and to give you as much support as you need.



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A Word about Money & How to Pay Me


When it comes to paying me, I prefer bank transfers but can accept cheques, cash or Doula UK Gift Vouchers details of which can be found here: https//

A deposit is payable when we sign contracts to confirm your place in my diary and work schedule. Services that are conducted by the hour are paid/invoiced (less the deposit) weekly as they are worked.

The payment balance for ante-natal support packages is due at the date I go on call for you, although a payment plan can be negotiated if you would rather pay in smaller chunks.

Scenarios where payment is not due and cancellation options will be discussed and detailed in our contract.

If you are feeling the need of my support but my fees represent a barrier to you, please talk to me about it, before you walk away! 

I am happy to negotiate payment plans, I accept Doula UK Gift vouchers and in some cases can provide my services at a discount. I am also open to skills exchanges as payment to the same value, if you, your partner, or members of your family are able to offer a professional service that I am in need of. Please don’t let money be the reason you don’t contact me.

On the other hand, if you have benefitted from my services and have money that you could donate to enable birthing people less financially fortunate to also benefit from my support, I do have a Ko-fi page where you can donate any amount of money you are able to, which will help me to support more women in need.